What is your natural hair color?


Are you willing to shoot nudes?

Like I stated in my biography, yes I would, but only if they are artistic.

How did you get the name, "Lady Dolore?"

"Dolore" in Italian means "pain."  A good friend of mine thought it would be an appropriate name for me, and I fell in love with it.  There is also a deeper meaning to it as well.  Perhaps I will explain it in the future...all in due time.

Why do you draw on your eyebrows?

Because I can have any shape and any color I choose.  :)  I love being creative.

Why did you quit modeling for awhile?

Personal issues and college.  It happens.  Just another way of life kicking you in the ass.

Are you willing to shoot videos, or do any acting?

Depends on what you intend to shoot.  I will NOT do porn.  Message me for details and I will let you  know if it strikes my fancy. :)

Why only artistic nudity?

It is degrading to shoot porn-related photos, in my opinion.  Besides, that is not what I want to do with my modeling career.  I create art...NOT porn.  Sorry to sound like a bitch, but I am serious.What

What does the tattoo on your chest say and what does it represent?

"Bella Morte" in Italian.  I swear I am way too fascinated with the Italian language...and food.  It represents my best friend and I.

So I have heard you are into forensic anthropology! That sounds interesting.  So are you going to be just like Abby on NCIS then?

It is true that forensic anthropology is my ideal degree, but Abby on NCIS isn't a forensic anthropologist.  Those type of shows are no where near the reality of forensics.  That, and I don't wear pigtails.  

Will you date me?

Not anytime soon.